Bury becomes first borough in Britain to guarantee homeless people urgent medical attention

BURY has become the first borough in Britain to guarantee homeless people will receive urgent medical attention.

GP services across the town have signed up to an initiative, launched by Homeless Friendly and Bury Council, which will see rough sleepers, sofa-surfers and others around the town given a card advertising a phone number for BARDOC, which they can call 24 hours a day.

Homeless people often struggle to see a doctor because they have no permanent address and find it difficult to register at a practice.

Dr Zahid Chauhan, founder of Homeless Friendly, added: “It is a great initiative. Bury Council has set a model for the rest of the authorities across the country.

“There is a view that homelessness is just people living on the street but there are a lot of hidden homeless people in Bury.

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