Statement in response to the election results (June 8, 2017)

On June 9th, Dr Zahid Chauhan, Councillor for the Alexandra Ward in Oldham, said: “Last night’s extremely encouraging General Election results demonstrate that Labour policies really resonate with the people in our region.

I am particularly pleased that Jim McMahon and Debbie Abrahams will be representing Oldham in the Houses of Parliament again.

Labour has gained new seats and held off challenges in places such as Rochdale and Bury, which the Tories targeted. Clearly voters there saw through Theresa May’s myths about the Conservatives in any way being the party of the working classes.

I applaud all Labour candidates and party workers for their superb efforts.

The challenge now is to convince all areas of the country – particularly in the South of England – that Labour represents everyone, not just the privileged few, and that when we govern, we put equality and social justice at the heart of all we do.”